i heard this place is full of nuts

Monkey nuts: now that’s great packaging. The outside shape is intriguing, keeping the precious contents inside with minimal wastage. And afterwards, it’s all biodegradable.

MAD Ideas designs labels, tags and packaging for clients who think packaging should be more nuts. Agree? Give us a call on 01293 773085. We’ll have the monkey nuts on standby.

Packaging Label Design for Animal Sanctuary

We are delighted to have designed the label for a canine rub produced by Sunlight vegan animal sanctuary and rescue. The rub comes in small glass bottles and the challenge was to include the key information on a miniature scale, while making the label look beautiful. We also had to be careful to use inks and glues with no animal derivatives.

Sunlight Sanctuary, based in France, carefully creates the canine rub by hand. And it is gorgeous to use. We’ve tested it out, and Bingo and Tilda highly recommend it!

The rub is ideal for older dogs, dogs with joint or mobility issues, dogs with spinal issues or IVDD – in fact any companion dog who deserves lots of TLC!

Here are the product highlights:
100% organic cold-pressed ingredients stored in glass bottles
Moisturising and soothing for many skin conditions
Flea and tick deterrent
Toxin free
BPA free
Essential-oil free
Dog-friendly smell
Completely safe and beneficial if licked by your dog
A little goes a long way!

The client was tickled with the end result.

100% of profits from the rub go towards the care of the animals at Sunlight Sanctuary. You can find out more via their Facebook page: Sunlight Sanctuary