Advertising campaigns

Locking cooker valve promo
Have something to shout about? We’ll bring out the trumpets and party horns.

Locking cooker valve nationwide campaign. Requirements = advertising, 3D stand, leaflets, pop-up banners to promote this little life-saving medical device. Outcome = greater awareness amongst carers, charities, healthcare professionals and outreach workers. More lives saved. More people living their lives independently.

Proud to Bee launch with Chris Packham. Requirements = buzzy marketing event materials in schools including backdrops, branding, leaflets, pop-up banners and posters. Outcome = enthused children, one too many seed bombs and bigger bee populations.

Play safe, stay safe launch in schools, with various safety campaigns teaching children the dangers of CO, how to recognise CO and to stay away from dangerous machinery. Requirements = design of child-friendly materials, including cartoons, interactive booklets, leaflets, scratch ‘n’ sniff cards, pop-up banners, stickers and fun worksheets. Outcome = fun learning, spreading key messages.

Infant Lives launch with Cheryl Baker, promoting first aid courses for carers, parents and teachers. Requirements = advertisements, ambulance internal and external branding, logo design, folders, leaflets and posters. Outcome = hard work but so worth it… saving lives with knowledge.