Patrik Baboumian – “Compassion is my strength”

Germany's Strongest man, Patrik Baboumian

He is big and strong with biceps the size of our heads. But it’s not the size of his muscles which impresses us, it’s the size of his heart. The process of getting Patrik to number one has not harmed or impacted others. He has taught us to give back by spreading the word of being kind. We applaud his commitment in trying to make the world a better place. His influence and spirit are inspiring. Check out where he gets his strength and some of his incredible feats on youtube…

“Compassion is my strength”

Patrik Baboumian “World’s Strongest Man Germany” 2011, smashed several of his own world records for most weight ever ‘carried’ by a human being.

“This muscle man pumps iron, smashes stereotypes” – CNN