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Here at MAD Ideas we’re passionate about helping businesses grow – and we’re equally passionate about providing brand styling and marketing with integrity and ethics.

We care about the world around us. Protecting our environment and promoting sustainable development have always been cornerstones of our ethical policy. We recycle paper and inks, use energy saving appliances and choose to work with suppliers who uphold these principles and share our values. We can even offer green print options using vegetable-based ink and CO2 balanced print processes using recycled Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) stocks!

In every step of the job process, we ensure that we behave as mindfully as possible to respect people and the planet.

Thankfully, we’re not the only brand committed to upholding strong business ethics and environmental responsibility. In this blog we look at some of our favourite ethical brands.



Ami and Benevo

MAD Ideas’ CEO (chief eating officer) and dog extraordinaire, Bingo loves munching his way through Ami Dog Food, professional formula, designed with a higher level of protein and other nutrients. This is often soaked overnight and accompanied by canned sliced carrots, frozen peas, broccoli and spinach which are his absolute favourites. Bingo also enjoys the occasional Benevo, a premium moist dog food, made with fresh market ingredients. Benevo is formulated with potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes, berries and brown rice to make a tasty and nutritious meal. It’s a complete food for dogs of all life stages, full of essential nutrients. The product does not contain any GM ingredients whilst using 100% recyclable tins and paper packaging! Ami and Benevo is available from



You are beauty


Shine and shimmer with your inner glow! MAD Ideas knows first impressions count and that’s why the two sisters who founded our company use Illamasqua cruelty-free make up. Since Illamasqua launched in 2008, it’s made a strong commitment to never supporting or permitting animal testing on any of its products.

The company produces high quality products which meet strict consumer health and safety regulations, and its priority is to push creative boundaries. Make-up brushes are made entirely out of synthetic hair and the Illamasqua range includes over 100 vegan products.


phillip wollen

The man!

Winsome Constance Kindness Trust

Winsome Constance Kindness was set up by Philip Wollen, the former vice-president of Citibank who has dedicated his life to supporting good causes and achieving change for good.  The Trust is a global initiative ‘promoting kindness towards all other living beings’.  We admire Philip’s heart and compassion for all; his speeches have resonated with people around the world, spurring them into action – saving lives, reducing suffering and protecting the environment at the same time. Now that’s what we call a multi-pronged solution!

The National Australia Day Council, Canberra says: “Through his kindness and generosity, Philip Wollen brings crucial help to many charitable causes and inspires others to share his humanitarian values and ideals. His achievements in the business world mark him as a man of action and he channels this energy into practical outcomes for the causes he champions through the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust. Philip promotes kindness towards all other living beings and strives to enshrine this as a recognisable trait in the Australian character and culture. The measure of his support can be seen in the extraordinary list of organisations the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust supports, benefiting children, animals, the ill, the environment and aspiring youth. Essentially a private man, he seeks no personal publicity but is not afraid to step into the limelight for a just cause”.

In 2006, the trust had initiatives in 34 countries and continues to grow. The initiative emphasises ethics, compassion and co-operation, and opposes cruelty to humans and non-human animals. What a heroic man you are Philip! Click:


sgn gas

SGN: Doing good


SGN is a gas distribution company which is investing in green energy and gas, while supporting communities through its Community Action Programme (CAP) scheme.  The company gives back to the community through team members volunteering time to help with projects such as Girlguiding, which helps girls and young women learn valuable life skills and make a positive difference to their lives and communities. SGN also works with the Royal Voluntary Service’s ‘Winter Wellness’ campaign and the social enterprise Solutions for the Planet, helping to develop, deliver and project manage the community engagement programme with young people aged 11 – 14.

We are honoured SGN is one of MAD Ideas’ clients!



Hippeas: Give peas a chance!


Hippeas are delicious organic chickpea puffs which are healthy, packed with sunshine and good for the earth! Hippeas’ main ingredient is chickpeas, and chickpea plants release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow which means they’re naturally good for the planet.

Hippeas not only gives back to the planet but also to the people living on it – the brand supports Farm Africa, a charity which helps people and communities in Africa to grow their way out of poverty. Crispy little puffs of loveliness – who knew they could do so much good?



Vego: We’re loco about cocoa


Vego produces delicious organic, vegan and fair-trade chocolate, and we love them. Enough said!


The Co-operative Bank

We are proud to bank with The Co-operative Bank as they have an ethical approach to banking. In fact, this year they’re marking the 25th anniversary of their Ethical Policy, which covers a variety of issues from climate change to human rights. From campaigning for the abolition of landmines, to raising awareness of important environmental issues, to helping victims of financial abuse in relationships, The Co-op has used its ethical position to be a voice on the issues that matter.

Since 2006, The Co-op has offset 113,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and in 2015 was the first UK high street bank to sign the Paris Pledge denying finance for coal mining.  The Co-op also refuses to provide banking services to any organisation involved in the manufacture or transfer of indiscriminate weapons and is the only UK-based bank to feature in the ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb’ report’s Hall of Fame.


tesla car

Breaking new ground


Tesla disrupted the car manufacturing process when the brand was launched by product innovator Elon Musk. We love Tesla’s desirable cars and standout design – especially as the brand has taken the step of going cruelty-free by removing skin and leather from the seats of their upcoming models, proving it’s possible to use a superior substitute material without compromising on luxury.

We think Tesla is ahead of the game and other brands are now playing catch-up.


We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite ethical brands. If you’re looking for a branding and marketing agency who work with ethics and integrity, call MAD Ideas today on 01293 773085, or ping us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you!