Features your business website should consider including

​A well-designed website helps generate engagement and trust. But this will only be maintained if every element of the site is reliable and has been fully optimised.

A regular peek under the hood of your website is essential to ensure full optimisation.

Here are five features to look out for:

High levels of security

Websites have gradually been moving towards HTTPS, with major browsers marking sites using HTTP as not fully secure. While all sites should be focusing on security, e-commerce sites selling goods should pay this particularly close attention.

Not only does a visible lack of security reduce trust, there is also the potential for the exploitation of personal data. Ask us if you need help with website security.

Consider integrating videos

Short videos that lasts for just a few minutes can lead to visitors staying on your site for longer, resulting in higher engagement and potentially higher sales as they get to know you a bit better. Suitable examples include personal and business introductions, tailored product or service demonstrations, and good client testimonials. Just be sure your site can handle short video files for a seamless experience.

Customer service with real people and live chat

Good customer service is integral to a business website. While many customers may not even require contact with customer services, it reassures them to know there is an active facility. Visitors who do contact customer support will expect a good quality service – with real people who can offer a personal touch is even better! Remember your people are your brand.

The next development of chat facilities are chatbots that use AI to provide an authentic experience. A chatbot can learn from a real person, helping to increase sales if that’s your thing.

Include a call to action

Whether you are creating an e-commerce store or a blog style website, it is essential to include a visually distinct call to action. The aim of your call to action can vary, with blogs having different goals to e-commerce stores. A store’s call to action could be to view their new pricelist or make a purchase. Content and resource sites might want people to view more content, share your content or join a newsletter list.

Define the steps you want visitors to take, before creating your distinct call to action.

Take-home points

Businesses should look deeply into every stage of their website build to ensure optimum website performance.

Existing web sites should also be given a spring-clean from time to time, so content stays fresh, is set up to maximise awareness, engagement and conversions, increase trust and ideally be a place which showcases all your best points.

Remember your website is your shop window and the hub of your online business presence. So it should be exciting, memorable and safe to explore.

A good user experience will result in better client interactions and encourage them to return time and time again. With the right groundwork, preparation and analysis, your site can stay up to date, relevant and highly optimised.

At MAD Ideas, we don’t do ordinary.

If you need help creating your beautiful business website to attract new customers, or if your online presence needs a reboot to stand out from a boring templated approach, contact the experts at MAD Ideas today!