Content Marketing: Three Rules to Make Your Blog Post Shareable on Social Media

Most brands realise the importance of content marketing, but one of your chief considerations is how you will promote your content on social media.

Here are a few tips for making your blog post more shareable on social media!

1. Use short and search-friendly titles

The process of making your blog post ready for social media starts even before you’ve written your title. Remember you want to use your title to promote your post on social media platforms.

That means it needs to be short and search-friendly. The longer the title is, the less space you have for additional text such as hashtags.

Keep in mind that you may want to add the title to images as social media graphics. That’s only going to be an option if your title is concise.

Create titles that will work well for you in various settings. For instance, social media sites allow for different sizes of images, so think about that point too.

2. Include graphics and images in your content

You can of course write text-only content, depending on how you want to share your blog post.

If you’re an active Pinterest user however, you might want to reconsider that approach. Pinterest works on the basis you’re ready to pin images from a particular website.

Naturally, you’ll add an image when the content is uploaded to your company blog. If that’s the only image in the content however, your social media options are limited.

Content that has various graphics within it provides many more options. It can be pinned to different boards on Pinterest without using the same images every time, for example.

Equally, if you’ve already created the graphics, you’ll save yourself time with other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

3. Write content that includes bitesize tips

When writing your blog posts, you should aim to include bitesize tips within it. You can pull out the tips to share your content via social media.

Remember, if you share blog posts in the same way repeatedly, you may get identified as a spammer. However, if you want a certain number of page views, sharing your post more than once on one social media site is sometimes necessary.

You want to give yourself options within the content to do this. If your article has various points within it, each social media post will look fresh rather than the same piece reposted again and again.

Writing a blog post can feel like a job in itself at times. However, you always need to think about social media to get eyeballs on your post.

To give your content the best chance of doing that, remember to use short and search-friendly titles, include graphics and images in your content, and write blog posts that include bitesize tips.

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