Top tips for designing a business logo

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Here at MAD Ideas we specialise in logo design and brand identity, and we’ve successfully created business logos for local businesses in Surrey, across the UK, and even globally! As well as building brands from the ground up, we work with companies’ existing designs and help to breathe new life into tired old logos.

Here are our top tips for designing a striking and memorable new business logo which will make your brand stand out from the rest.


Ask lots of questions

We don’t just dive straight into designing a new logo. We take the time to ask our clients lots of questions and really get to understand their business and find out exactly what they’re looking for.

It might sound obvious, but simply asking a client key questions about what they do, how they do it, what they feel sets them apart from their competitors, and the values they hold most dear as a company, can be very insightful and help to lead the direction of the logo design project.




Start off simple

In the early stages of the design we like to keep things simple. There’s no need to immediately start creating complex digital designs and we find having a sketchpad to hand can be really useful, allowing us to quickly and spontaneously jot down new ideas wherever we are.

We also find creating initial logos in black and white, rather than in colour, can help to keep the focus of our attention on the essential elements of the logo’s design. The form of the logo is more important than the palette, which can be decided on once the essential details have been pinned down.


Uncomplicated, but different

The most memorable business logos are the simplest, and overly detailed designs can tend to be more difficult to recall. An uncomplicated logo also works well in a variety of different situations, whether on something as small as a business card or as large as a delivery vehicle.

Simplicity does not mean that a logo should be generic and when appropriate we like to make our designs a little different so you stand out from the crowd. If your competitors are all using a similar typographic style or the same colours in their palette, introducing new imaginative ideas into a logo can give your brand the edge.




Abstract logos, no symbols

A logo does not necessarily have to show what your business does. In fact, the symbols in some of the most enduring logos have no relation to what the company does at all. Think Apple’s instantly recognised ‘bitten apple’ logo! Symbols do not need to show what you do, but rather make it clear to the viewer who you are. The public will assign meaning to your logo, connecting its shape and form to your company and the services you provide.

It’s not even always necessary to include a symbol in a logo. A wordmark alone can work very well, especially for companies which have a unique name. Think Canon’s logo, which is a simple bespoke font. When designing a logo using only a wordmark, you must make sure however that the font design is not overly complicated and is easily legible.




A touch of humour

When appropriate, a touch of humour can really help to bring a logo to life and set a company apart from its competitors, particularly if you work in an industry where more traditional and conventional branding is the norm. At MAD Ideas we love to inject a little humour into our logo designs, though of course it goes without saying that any amusing touches should remain subtle and inoffensive!




We bring your personality to the forefront. Quirky, corporate, time honoured or classic, we have the specialist brand expertise to take your vision and turn it into reality. We add our own MAD Ideas magic to create a logotype you’ll be proud to wear on your sleeve, t-shirt or stationery.

If you’re looking for a new business logo, here are some things to consider when briefing your designer:

  • Not everyone can design a logo that’s relevant to your audience and marketplace. It’s important you choose an advertising agency who understands branding and marketing, and knows how design can help you sell and excel in your field.
  • Ask questions, does the advertising agency specialise in branding? Are they qualified? We are! Our co-founder has an MA in marketing and BA (Hons) in design which combined gives you a powerful force, making you stand head and shoulders above the rest.
  • Look at the agency’s website. Does it look tired and out of date? If it does, this will give you an indication of what they’ll do for you.
  • Think colour. What does colour choice say about you?
  • Think font. Different fonts say different things, type style says a lot about your style!
  • Think scale. Branding needs to look just as great on small and big stuff!
  • Think long-term.

Contact MAD Ideas today to find out how we can take your business logo and branding to the next level. Based in Surrey, we love nothing more than seeing our client’s happy faces as we unveil their new brand and seeing their excitement. It’s why we love our work so much!