Brochure design: how to create the perfect brochure

Brochures are an essential part of your marketing toolkit, giving your clients a tangible overview of your organisation and your values.

In this guide we’ll give you brochure design ideas and inspiration and explain how to create the perfect brochure design.


Sustainability First brochure

Sustainability First brochure


Think about your brochure’s target audience

Who is your brochure aimed at? Think about your target audience, for example, their age range, interests, gender, sector and spending power.

Consider what qualities and style will appeal to them, for example when creating a corporate brochure design, it should be different in tone and feel to a brochure for a health or beauty brand.


sgn brochure

SGN Replacement Contractors Excellence Awards brochure


Think about the brochure size

What’s the best size for a brochure? Brochures come in all shapes and sizes and, depending on your audience, this should help you decide the appropriate size and format of the brochure. As well as size, think about how many pages you’d like, the type of paper and binding you’d prefer.

It’s also helpful to consider where and how your brochure is likely to be sent and how the recipient is likely to see and keep it. For example, are you giving out the brochure at a show or marketing event, or are you planning on posting the brochure, in which case, postage costs will come into play?


Ezec Medical Transport NHS provider brochure

Ezec Medical Transport NHS provider brochure


Consider the content

Think carefully about content. What information are you including in your brochure? For example, you will need to decide whether you’re including a logo, an introduction, your values and mission statement, your service or product, infographics, tables and graphs, photos or illustrations in your brochure design.

It’s often difficult to edit your brochure and work out what to cut out or what to include. The best way to start is to consider what you want your brochure to do for you. Is it to sell your product or service, to introduce your organisation, or to educate and inform?

Use suitable fonts and colours

The best brochures are easy to follow with a start, middle and end. A simple design is often the most effective since overloading the brochure with too much information can result in your main points being lost. Limit the fonts used and consider the point size to ensure it’s widely accessible.

Also, have a think about the colours used, whether they give good contrast for the text to be read and ensure the images you have available are good enough quality.


bluebell railway brochure

Bluebell Railway Tourism brochure


Don’t forget contact information

Your brochure should include your contact information so your prospective client knows how to get in touch with you and what steps to take: for example, call a dedicated telephone number, use a voucher code, visit your website or follow your social media channels.

Brochure specialist finishes and eco-friendly, green print

At MAD Ideas, we can help you decide on specialist finishes which will wow your readers; from all-natural textures to silky finishes and high sheen, these will help your brochure exude a high-quality feel.

Eco-friendly printing using carbon-balanced print processes, vegan vegetable-based inks and recycled paper stocks can also be sourced for your special brochure project – just ask us!

Browse online brochure design templates

If you’re really struggling for brochure design inspiration, you can pick up some useful ideas by browsing online brochure designs. There are many free downloadable and customisable brochure design templates available, just do an online search for ‘brochure design online’ and you’ll be sure to find some that you like. Of course, nothing beats having brochures designed by the experts, and that’s why we recommend hiring a professional agency like MAD Ideas to help.

Consult MAD Ideas in Surrey for expert brochure design

We’ve created brochures for multimillion-pound corporations and despite the fierce competition, our brochures have made the difference and helped beauty and utility companies win awards. Based in Horley, Surrey, MAD Ideas design accessible print and online brochures for all types of organisations, including B2B and younger audiences.

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