Cartoons and illustrations: Why use them in your marketing?

We all know how important it is to have a well-designed logo to represent your business. Beyond your logo however, there’s a whole other world of graphic design that can really make your next marketing campaign sing. In this blog, we look at how cartoons and illustrations can work brilliantly when promoting your business.

What cartoon graphic design can do for your business

You might think cartoons are childish and not suitable for your type of business, but once you research the different styles of illustration out there, you’ll realise they don’t have to be.

Illustrations are used by companies to promote in a number of ways and have been shown to boost audience engagement. Cartoons have been around as a marketing technique for years, and there are some very good reasons why they’re still popular today.

Memorable product illustration

What’s more memorable than an image? Images are much better than lots of words on a page, as our brains can store and recall images of things much more easily. Even more than a photograph, a cartoon or illustration sticks in our memory because the product or marketing message is generally found in situ. Instead of just a picture, an illustration can be used to show action and give a much deeper, more subtle meaning.

A chance for humour

Cartoons are a wonderful way to inject a bit of humour into your marketing.

Promoting a company or an event sometimes leaves little room for fun, so when your audience sees something amusing, they are much more likely to remember it.

Original and customisable

You can get an illustration or graphic which uniquely represents your brand personality and the message you are trying to get across in an easy way – one which is instantly recognised. Not only this, but the image can be edited in any number of different ways to suit different campaigns. This way, it will quickly come to represent your company and its values.

How companies use illustrations

Brand illustration can be used in a whole host of different ways, from a general marketing campaign and a cartoon mascot for your business, to more bespoke illustrations that are designed to be used only once. For marketing purposes, there really is no end to what we can designer for you.

Website icons

Illustrations can appear throughout a company’s website, from banner illustration, to sales pages. One really helpful idea is to have an illustration icon as your ‘help’ or ‘contact’ button. This will help the customer to recognise your company as they will remember this icon. It’s also effective in adding personality to your website.

Marketing emails

Having a well-thought-out cartoon or illustration on your marketing emails can really help you to retain your readership and get those all-important click-throughs. Your monthly newsletter will become much more engaging to your readership if you have an illustration that can get your message across quickly and easily – saving on a lot of text.

Event promotion

For a one-off or a series of events, illustrated characters can be created to help in your marketing campaign.

Having the same character on all of your promotional material will not only make it more memorable, it will also make it fun. Anyone who sees it will want to know exactly what your event is all about, and by using a bespoke character the message will get across more quickly, and your audience should be able to quickly understand the purpose of your event.


What better way to show off your product than with beautifully illustrated packaging?

When a parcel arrives at someone’s door, half of the excitement is in opening it, so when you have something that is well designed, it’s only going to make the experience even better for them. They are then much more likely to recommend the product to their friends and family.

MAD Ideas cartoons and illustrations

Here at MAD Ideas, we have experience in bringing our clients’ ideas to life through illustration and design. We work together closely to find the style that suits them best.

We’ve worked on everything from illustrated children’s guides for historical events to designing an illustration to keep people gas safe. We bring that pop of colour and fun that your business needs. Check out our work here.

If you think your business needs to add a cartoon or illustration aspect to its marketing, then why not get in touch with the team at MAD Ideas to discuss what we can do for you?