Using shop signage and vehicle graphics to promote your business

For any type of business, having good signage is an essential part of advertising your services. Whether it’s outside signage, interior signs, or even vehicle graphics, you should be promoting your business in any way that you can.

Yet there’s an art to sign making as well. You need something that’s really going to grab attention, without putting potential customers off. Signage is still a vitally important part of marketing, and so having the right design is essential.

What Design to Use

Attention grabbing doesn’t necessarily mean that you need something loud and garish. Your business needs a sign that truly represents what it is that you do and the type of business you are.

The majority of shop fascia signs will have the company name in the same font, alongside the logo, that appears on all of your marketing tools. Be it on stationary, your website or on your uniforms, it’s best to have a design that works with all of these mediums.

Consistency is key here, as it allows your customers to associate your brand with a single image.

Why Shop Sign Design is so Important

Your sign is going to be one of the ways in which you attract new business.

When considering restaurant signage design, the majority of customers will have seen your sign before on the side of the road. If it looks appealing, then one day they’ll go in and try it – and you’ll have a new customer who will return if they like what they get.

An outside sign is one of the most important salespeople you’ll ever hire, because it is continually at work. With the rise of digital advertising, and more people looking on the internet for the best restaurants in their area, it’s easy to imagine that physical signage has had its day. Yet that’s simply not the case. Signs are visible all year round, 24hrs a day, making them one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.


Where you place your outside sign is important. You need to make sure it is clearly visible to people driving by, without it being so big it’s an eyesore. This is why design and font are so important. Everyone will be distracted by a large, bright sign, but they might not be able to even read what it says, and if it’s distracting rather than appealing, you’re not going to get any custom.

Vehicle Signwriting

The same ideas are just as important when it comes to your company vehicles. This type of moving advertisement has been around forever, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. With a one-off investment in graphics for your car, you are going to get years of advertisement from it wherever you go.

There’s no point in driving a car without graphics when you run a business, because it’s one of the cheapest ways you can market to a large amount of people in your local area and beyond.

Vehicle Graphics Design

The design for graphics on your vehicle can sometimes be different to your other marketing materials.

Of course, you still want it to fit in well with the rest of your signage, so customers know it really is the same business. Yet when thinking about van signwriting design for instance, you need to take into consideration most people will see the vehicle while it’s moving, not when it’s parked. This means the logo should be big and eye-catching, and the name of the company clearly visible.

Just like when thinking about outside signs, there’s no point in having something that’s distracting, but that’s impossible to read. No one will be able to look you up if all they know is your logo. Your vehicle needs to also incorporate what it is that your company does. You can have the prettiest van in the world, but it needs to say what your service is, to be effective.

Vehicle Graphics in Motion

Recently, MAD Ideas completed the vehicle graphics for the Gatwick-Belmont Hotel. They wanted something that would promote their hotel and show people that it was the perfect spot to stay in before getting a flight. It was all within the context of a new brand identity for the hotel and what was delivered is eye-catching yet clear for anyone who sees it. The perfect combination.

If you think your business could benefit from updating its sign design or vehicle graphics, then get in touch with the MAD Ideas team today, to discuss what we can do for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!