Mad marketing campaigns we love

As you can probably guess from our name, at MAD Ideas we like to do things a little bit differently. We specialise in creating quirky marketing campaigns and designing fresh and exciting advertising materials which really grab attention.

Adverts tell a story in a short time. We love these bold, memorable and thought provoking adverts as they hit the nail on the head – what do you think?



Vehicle manufacturer KIA’s ads for their Soul car, featuring a troupe of blinged-up dancing hamsters, have been brightening TV screens in the US since their first appearance in 2009. It’s hard not to smile whilst watching the jiving rodents in action and the ads are not only entertaining, they’ve also been very effective at driving up sales of KIA’s cars. The company specifically credits the ads for significantly boosting growth during a time when many other car companies have struggled.  At MAD Ideas we love these furry little fellas so much that we even have an image from the ad proudly emblazoned across the side of our company vehicle!


Oatly oat milk advert


Plant based products are making an impact and are here to stay. Plant based Oatly is one of the leading brands in the thriving plant-based sector. Their simple, yet effective messaging grabs attention, generating social engagement and boosting brand awareness.

Oatly’s ads aren’t just quirky and tongue-in-cheek; their messages are thought provoking too. The company’s most recent marketing campaign included huge ads at busy, high traffic London transport hubs including Kings Cross and Oxford Circus, and featured the slogan, “It’s like milk but made for humans.”  It’s exciting to see so many ambitious entrepreneurs developing a wider range of alternatives for consumers, doing things differently, pushing the boundaries and succeeding in truly changing the landscape. At MAD Ideas, we serve Oatly to all of our fave clients (Oatly Barista is fabulous in coffee and tea) and our clients love it as much as we do!



Another quirky commercial, this cheeky ad for high street opticians Specsavers was shot at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and features a shortsighted security guard who accidentally snaps off a rather sensitive part of an ancient statue under the misapprehension that it’s a light switch! We love this ad’s gentle use of humour, which we think really helps to connect the brand to its audience.



Another fun car commercial, SKODA’s tongue-in-cheek ad starring rapper and ‘Pimp My Ride’ host Xzibit really makes us smile. Bursting with energy, the ad’s use of humour is refreshing and helps to market SKODA as a young, vibrant and fun brand. Basing the ad on a well known TV concept makes it even easier for viewers to relate to it and SKODA’s simple and clever “simply clever” slogan successfully encapsulates both the accessibility and innovation of this company’s cool and youthful cars.


John Lewis

The John Lewis Christmas ad, featuring Buster the Boxer dog and a ridiculously cute collection of trampolining foxes, badgers, hedgehogs and squirrels, had the whole nation going “Awwww!” when it hit our TV screens. The advert gives the viewer a peek into a world they don’t usually see, showing that giving is really better than receiving. We also love the fact that it helped to raise money for a great cause, with 10% of the sales of cuddly toy versions of the animals in the ad going directly to charity The Wildlife Trusts.


cara welfare philippines

CARA Welfare Philippines

Time for some harder hitting, thought provoking print campaigns.

CARA charity promotes animal welfare through education, rehabilitation and the rehoming of dogs and cats. The simple caption: ‘you see a dog. he sees a home’ is combined with striking imagery to enable us to see things from the dog’s perspective for the first time.

The advert highlights the plight of abandoned dogs and cats, encouraging us to open our hearts and homes to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ and give a homeless animal the chance to find their forever home. It’s the ultimate gift of giving. We have adopted and it’s wonderful to hear first hand how many of us are doing the same and share so many happy stories with you! Bingo pug C.E.O and MAD Ideas HQ really appreciate the excellent marketing work being undertaken by organisations who are working so hard to raise awareness on behalf of countless individuals around the world.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little compilation of some of our favourite ads! While you’re here, do feel free to check out our services and our giving back page.  Thank you for reading and as always, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch through our contact page or call us on 01293 773085 to discuss how we can work together. To your continued success!