How to build a greener brand

Nowadays, great brands are more than just a great product or service. Alongside generating revenue and engagement, the best brands of today are using their platforms to bring attention to causes that matter, such as global warming and climate change.

There is now a greater emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies in an effort to limit individual and business footprints and their impact on the environment. Regardless of size or industry sector, we have a shared role to play in creating a sustainable future for all.

The following article provides three simple tips on how your business can build a greener brand.

Greener postage and direct mail

Although we’re now in the midst of the digital age, using paper in businesses is still necessary in many cases. Letters and direct mail, for example, are popular ways to maintain certain communications. In such instances, your company can transition to eco-friendly paper with a diminished carbon footprint and overall environmental impact, for example FSC paper, recycled paper, vegetable-based (vegan) inks and carbon balanced print processes.

Other small changes within your business can have a positive impact too. By keeping customer lists up to date, for example, you can limit the amount of waste. You will ultimately make savings on materials, printing and postage, all while simultaneously becoming a greener brand.

Green procurement

A sure-fire way to establish a greener brand is to implement more environmentally friendly procurement policies. Before your business establishes partnerships with new suppliers, it is advisable to apply due diligence to help you work with companies that share your same values in producing sustainable products or services. This includes recycled options and the use of renewable materials.

Sourcing local suppliers is often overlooked but this a great way to get the ball rolling with green procurement. Thereafter, additional considerations such as suppliers that re-collect packing for reuse or partnerships with sustainable courier companies that champion carbon-neutral delivery practices will further enhance your environmental efforts.

It’s worth noting that the cruelty-free market is also expanding as consumers grow increasingly aware and ask for greater transparency, with more and more brands marking their products ‘vegan’ and ‘cruelty-free’.

Green energy

As more attention is brought to climate change and global warming, businesses have started to implement changes. There are significant benefits to be gained from a more sustainable economy.

Your business can get in on the action by utilising renewable energy that can come in various forms, including wind and solar power, geothermal, and hydropower to name a few. There are also UK innovators such as Ecotricity who don’t just supply green energy, but make it too.  They offer 100% green electricity and carbon neutral green gas – and use the money from their customers’ energy bills to create a greener Britain, investing in new sources of green energy and developing sustainable projects.

Green brands can change the world

Building a greener brand is no mean feat. It requires commitment and dedication in a climate where it is often easier to stick to the traditional norms. But by adopting a simple yet effective green approach to procurement and energy you can influence change. This will not only play a role in reducing our global footprint but will create a more sustainable future for all, have a lasting impact on your customers and enhance your brand.

This article was written by London-based courier startup, Gophr with MAD Ideas. Gophr prioritise efficiency, speed and the reduction of the number of dead miles in their delivery process.