5 reasons to promote your business with printed calendars

In a digital age, it’s easy to imagine that the good old printed wall calendar has been consigned to history. When you have access to a digital calendar in your pocket, which can send you reminders at the touch of a screen, why would anyone still hang a calendar on their wall?

The truth is, printed calendars are still widely used in homes and offices across the country – and remain a fantastic and cost-effective marketing tool. Here are five reasons why your business or organisation should consider using them to market your business effectively.

Printed calendars increase brand awareness

A printed calendar provides the perfect canvas on which to promote the qualities and image of your brand. By incorporating high quality and dynamic photos of your people, products and services, you can creatively present your brand identity in a way that reinforces the unique value you offer your clients.

The large, colourful photos printed on a custom calendar provide a subtle way to promote the benefits of your brand without the need for lots of words. You can simply add a phrase or tagline to each photo – a direct and high-impact way of communicating your core marketing messages.

Low cost, ongoing exposure

A calendar featuring your company’s name, logo and contact information is really useful as your brand will remain in people’s sight and mind for however long it stays on the wall or on a desk – hopefully an entire year! If the images you’ve chosen for your calendar are interesting and captivating, there’s little reason to think anyone would remove it once they’ve displayed it.

This means your organisation’s name and messaging will be seen again and again throughout the whole year. It’s difficult to think of other marketing strategies that provide such a lasting impact for so little investment! The potential exposure provided by the calendar isn’t just limited to the recipient either, as anyone passing by could potentially see the calendar, and your branding emblazoned on it.

High-quality free gifts boost business goodwill

Giving people a free gift like a high quality printed calendar builds goodwill and helps to develop positive connections with both existing clients and potential new customers. By creating goodwill with clients, they feel good about working with you and this helps to increase their loyalty to your brand.

Most people prefer to work with companies they know and like, and your calendar on their wall is a constant reminder of their relationship with your trusted business.

Put simply, giving a gift to a current or prospective client creates a favourable impression and makes it more likely that they will remember you and do business with you again.

Low cost, high impact

Printed promotional calendars are cost-effective to produce, especially when compared to the budget needed for other forms of communications and advertising, such as internet adverts, billboards, or radio and TV commercials. The nature of printed calendars also means you can reach very specific people and businesses, as you’ve full control over who receives one.

This reduces wastage as you won’t be paying for someone outside your ideal audience to see your message and, best of all, you can tailor your marketing message to the needs and interests of your specific audience. Printed calendars enable maximum brand exposure for minimal expense; they’re one of the most effective and cost-effective promotional items available.

Highly customisable

MAD Ideas can customise your promotional calendar – with pretty much any image, message, layout, size or colour you choose. We’ll ensure the result is vibrant and fantastic!

You can choose from different sizes – big, small or even mini desktop size. And we can source FSC mix papers, recycled papers in different weights. What’s more, we can also print using vegan/plant-based inks with no animal derivatives, as well as arrange deliveries to multiple recipients with personalised letters.

You can also choose from several different binding styles, for example, saddle-stitch binding which places staples through the fold line, spiral binding which uses a flexible coil, and wire-o binding which uses double loops of metal wire with a punch hole or hanger. Having such a variety of design options available allows you to create calendars that will be appealing to the specific tastes and needs of your target audience.

These are just a few of the ways in which printed promotional calendars are a great option for marketing your business, and at a very economical cost. For more mad ideas, simply give us a call on 01293 773085 – the MADsters will be very happy to discuss why and how printed calendars can work for your business!

Image: MAD Ideas – our very own mini desk calendar featuring CEO Bingo! A handy size which everyone loves.